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    Staenberg Ventures is a Seattle-based firm focused on venture capital funding, strategic consulting and entrepreneurship in the technology, business social media, and consumer products arenas. By leveraging an extensive partner network in the Silicon Valley, the Pacific Northwest, New York and South America, our firm provides a unique and important bridge between these business centers.

    As partners, we provide more than just financial contributions. We help our portfolio companies build winning management teams and obtain access to expert resources. All of our advisers offer veteran knowledge in their industry, many playing influential roles. We add value through consulting to early-stage companies and co-invest in later-stage companies alongside other institutional funds.

    • We are not one-round investors. We are committed investors. We understand the staged-growth process of venture-funded companies.
    • We are willing to co-lead and have relationships in place to help introduce other venture firms to opportunities. We are also happy to be a smaller participant if it is with the right partners.
    • We are active investors. We are more interested in the venture catalyst model of investing. At a minimum, we will seek board visitation rights.
    • We are investing in people and businesses before setting restrictions on the stage of deal or the size of round. We are as comfortable in early-stage as in later-stage. We can invest as little as $100,000 or as much as $3,000,000.

    Even if you’re not currently seeking venture funding, Staenberg Ventures provides expert consulting services to help turn your company’s vision into reality. We do this by combining our skills and experience with proven techniques. We offer a complete set of services targeted to create success for your new or growing businesses. We help plan and implement your business, through seven core services:

    • Business plan creation and writing
    • Financial modeling
    • Marketing plan creation and writing
    • Networking and team building support
    • Access to industry leader insight
    • Negotiation support
    • Board support

    Staenberg Ventures is also backing three of its own projects. We believe that there is opportunity to be found in the new economic landscape. The world is shrinking, and while that does heighten competition, it is also bringing people closer together. Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us.